Help EB-5 Investors Make the Right Choice: Invest in Platinum Medallion Projects

As an advisor, your investors rely on you to make the best recommendations. Your success depends upon conducting proper due diligence on projects. Two of the key milestones in the EB-5 immigration process are the I-526 and I-829 petitions. Understanding the risk at each of these phases is critical.

Protect Your Investors From Risk

Platinum Medallion Projects represent the best in industry

NES Financial’s Medallion Program is an easy way to identify projects that have implemented solutions to benefit investors. Guiding investors to projects that use these solutions minimizes risk and maximizes immigration success, with the goal of obtaining permanent residency.

Use a properly configured EB-5 escrow account

The EB-5 escrow is most commonly used to hold funds while an investor’s I-526 petition is being submitted and reviewed by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

NES Financial is the largest provider of escrow and fund administration solutions in the EB-5 industry, having been involved with more than 250 projects, representing over $10 billion. Thousands of investors have made successful investments into projects that use NES Financial’s escrow services.

Understand EB-5 fund administration requirements

A fund administration solution tracks the flow and use of investor funds through the entire EB-5 process. EB-5 fund administration is highly specialized and requires significant expertise.

NES Financial’s EB-5 Fund Administration Solution has been built specifically for the EB-5 industry. The focus of the solution is helping EB-5 issuers ensure the highest level of investor immigration success.

Account for the entire investor immigration process

The EB-5 immigration process is complicated. Large projects can be an overwhelming. Missing a milestone date or filing incomplete documentation can result in an immigration denial.

NES Financial’s EB-5 Workflow Solution tracks the immigration status of every investor and their family members so that no important deadlines are missed. If your investor’s EB-5 project is using NES Financial Solutions, they will always have the full ability to view every activity along the way.